OCM Pulse Webinar Series

ACCC’s webinars have been informative, pertinent and engaging

- Christopher Minnick
Administrator, Cancer Center & Geriatric Services
Albert Einstein Medical Center

The archived webinars below are available to all OCM Collaborative members to view on pertinent topics with the OCM Collaborative expert advisory panel, to review results from OCM Pulse Surveys, and hear the trending OCM issues from OCM peers. Look out for future dates to participate in hot-topic conversations, learn what your peers are struggling and succeeding with, and troubleshoot challenges you are experiencing with this innovative model.


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Past Webinars:

Palliative Care, Value Based Care and the Patient Experience - A Guide for a Changing World

This webinar was originally recorded on Wednesday, March 8, 2017

A timely webinar for oncology programs on how concurrent palliative care achieves quality outcomes at a reduced cost.

This Webinar is the first in a series sponsored by the National Patient Advocate Foundation, Association of Community Cancer Centers, Oncology Nursing Society, Community Oncology Alliance to address critical issues in providing value-based, person-centered care.


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How to Model your Emergency Response to Triage I-O Patients

This webinar was originally recorded on Monday, December 5, 2016

Gain strategies to prepare your multidisciplinary team to respond to—and triage—your at-risk patients. Learn how one cancer program, inspired by practice transformation requirements in the Oncology Care Model, instituted a program to address symptom management, staff training, and patient education needs, resulting in greater access to coordinated care, a reduction in hospital and emergency department admissions, and cost savings.

This approach has been successful in achieving some of the outcome goals – including extending hours with specific care for patients by specialized team (inpatient oncology nurses), and avoidance of ED visits and hospital admissions.


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OCM Claims Data Analysis: Early Findings, Patterns and Insights
Presenter: Ed Bassin, PhD, Archway Health Advisors

This webinar was originally recorded on Friday, October 7, 2016

OCM Participants are now gaining access to a treasure trove of Medicare claims data that they have not likely seen before. What can OCM Participants expect to glean from the data that is informative and actionable? How can the data be used to inform and guide OCM Participants in achieving Performance-Based Payment (PBP)?  In this OCM Collaborative webinar, attendees will learn about some of the early findings, patterns and insights gained from the analysis of historical claims data from multiple OCM Participants as well as features of the OCM pricing methodology that will impact OCM Target Price calculations.


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Just In: Important Clarity on Top OCM issues from CMMI

This webinar was originally recorded on Friday, September 14, 2016

This week ACCC staff presented the CMMI OCM Team with the top trending issues from the OCM Collaborative, asking for clarity on many of the issues your practices are still struggling with. Join us on September 14 for a brief summary and discussion of what we learned from the CMMI OCM Team, including direction on some of the most pressing unresolved OCM issues:

(1)    Practice Transformation Plan: guidelines for responding and attesting to implementation of the practice redesign activities

(2)    ICD-10 codes for secondary cancer sites not on OCM Qualifying Cancers List: not eligible for OCM Episodes

(3)    MEOS billing through practitioner other than the rendering practitioner: proceed with caution

(4)    Provider-based S claims denied: an oversight of some Medicare Administrative Contractors


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Check-In and Troubleshoot OCM Challenges of the Week

This webinar was originally recorded on Friday, August 5, 2016

Join us on Friday, August 5, 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM EDT, for a call with the OCM Collaborative expert advisory panel to review results from this week’s OCM Pulse Survey and hear the trending OCM issues of the week. Learn what your peers are struggling with and troubleshoot challenges with OCM experts.


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OCM Collaborative: Trending Issues

This webinar was originally recorded on Friday, July 22, 2016

Join ACCC’s OCM Collaborative Expert Advisory Panel to troubleshoot OCM issues of the week and get your burning questions answered. Based on the OCM Collaborative survey earlier in the week, hear from your OCM peers and OCM experts – where are the pain points this week? What are your peers doing to implement certain OCM requirements? How do our experts advise you navigate these issues?


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